Advice & Services

At Four Seasons Paving we can provide you with advice on the right paver or retaining wall block for every yard. We can recommend suitable pavers for driveways and around pools and also give you handy installation tips on each product.


We cater to everyone from a newbie into the world of paving to the landscaping pro looking for the right paver for the job at hand.


Our friendly staff can also provide advice on the following:


  • Paver selection - thickness and finish is very important

  • Maintenance - sealing your pavers to keep them looking new

  • Installation - helpful hints on getting that professional look

  • Material Knowledge - fully stocked landscape supplies yard means we not only know what you need, but we can also supply you with it

  • Product sourcing

  • Any other questions that you may have regarding your brand new paved area or retaining wall

Helpful Guides

To make your project easy from start to finish here are some helpful guides along with a calculator to help calculate the amount of pavers you will require for you paving project

Paver Calculator


Please use the following calculator to help you calculate the area in square meters that is to be paved as well as how many pavers you will need to complete your area. Please note that this is only a guide and we will happily check your calculations when ordering. It should also be noted that this calculator will calculate the exact amount of pavers required and not allow any extra for cuts or breakages. We recommend allowing 5 - 10% extra for all your cuts and accidental breakages that may occur.

This calculator is to be used as a guide only. All calculations should be confirm prior to ordering. No claims will be accepted for over ordering due to use of this calculator.