French Pattern (400x400, 400x600, 200x400 & 200x200)

Colours: Lunar

Pavers Per sq.m:
6.25 400x400
4.16 400x600

Special Shapes:
Bullnose (400 x 400 x 30 only)

Finish: Tumbled

Travertine - Noce Lunar

  • Lunar travertine is a very dense noce travertine with minimal cavities. Lunar travertine pavers provide stunning alternatives to the designs of courtyards, patios, pools or fashionable outdoor rooms. Our Lunar travertine pavers have medium to dark shades that will help you to create a timeless beauty with rustic earthy qualities that will last a lifetime.

    Our travertine pavers offer many benefits

    -Calibrated so it is easy and quick to lay
    -“W” slip rating ( low risk when wet)
    -Higher compressive strength / breaking load than concrete pavers
    -Not reconstituted / coloured. No Efflorescence
    -Are to be laid on concrete slabs or road base
    -Cut from high quality travertine blocks
    -Salt and Choorine safe
    -Cool underfoot in summer sun
    -Less porous than concrete pavers
    -Very dense with minimal cavities